Traveling with Teens


We are so happy you have joined us here at Two Scoops Travel.

You may be thinking, ‘Why does the world need another travel blog?’  Let me explain. 

Melissa and I enjoy planning.  [insert hubby’s eye roll] That’s probably not the right word, we ‘obsess’ over travel planning.  That’s a more accurate representation.   We scour the web for travel plans, ideas for unique experiences, and sights each of our children might enjoy.  There are color-coded spreadsheets, packing lists, and occasionally (gulp) matching outfits.

Each year that has gone by, one thing has become increasingly apparent (aside from those stray grays):  there’s a gap in advice for traveling with older children, tweens and teens.  

You know what I mean.  The big blue internet is full of tips about flying with babies and toddlers.  We are convinced that the best way to solve a toddler tantrum is to find a nice park or playground.  That advice was rock-solid when I had toddlers.  But guess what?  Playgrounds don’t cut it for the iPhone generation, people!   In fact, if we were to suggest a playground, they’d probably order an Uber. 

So why is there such a lack of information for those of us ‘enjoying’ the teen years?

Have you ever traveled with a teen?  Perhaps you are nodding, shuddering as you remember the day there was no WiFi signal.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, imagine dragging your child against their will to the grocery store.   

In a snowstorm.   


Traveling with teens is similar, only longer... and more expensive.   But you can wear shoes. 

Disney HS (1).jpg
Two Scoops at Vero Beach.PNG

All joking aside,  Melissa and I decided (after a couple glasses of wine) that just because our kids are entering the turbulent teen years doesn’t mean we are going to abandon traveling. This is the prime age to expand their horizons and open their eyes to the world beyond their phone screens.  

Let’s face it, the selfie generation needs a little push to look up and experience the rest of the world.

So here we are!  Our two youngest are still sweet girls who occasionally think their moms are cool and can’t wait to host a YouTube channel.  


Enter Two Scoops Travel.  

We hope to be a different kind of family travel blog.  One that let’s you preview family travel destinations through the eyes of the young adults we adore...when they are asleep.

Happy planning!


Heather and Melissa