EPCOT Candy Challenge

Two Scoops Travel recommends EPCOT Candy Challenge

I know what you’re thinking.  

Disney is for little kids.  

My teens will be so bored.

If you’ve spent any time with us, you know we are Disney fans.  When required to defend my fan-dom, I often struggle to explain what exactly draws me to Disney World.  My infatuation with WDW is based on its amazing ability to provide something for everyone.  A multi-generational travel destination.  Including teens!  You just have to know which layers will appeal to your family.

Melissa’s favorite layer?  The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival.

Is there a teen layer?  Absolutely, and Epcot can really be a wonderful experience for the whole family with a little bit of planning and a secret weapon or two.

Epcot is the second oldest member of the Walt Disney World family, opening in 1982, and covers over 300 acres.  In my fair-skinned experience, EPCOT has the least amount of shade and so, for gingers like me, the sunburn factor is increased exponentially.  300 acres…little shade…these are the ingredients for a travel meltdown. 

Enter your Secret Weapon:  The Epcot Candy Challenge.

We tried the challenge during our last trip to Epcot and I have to say, it was pretty successful!

How does it work?  It’s easy! While traveling around the World Showcase, we simply entered a country and the kids chose the most interesting box of candy from that country.  Candy is sampled and responses are recorded (preferably by video to maximize future embarrassment).  

Teens enjoying Epcot candy challenge in Japan

Two Scoops Travel Teen enjoying Hi-Chew candy in Japan at Epcot

You can get creative and keep track with a printout, or add it to the KidCot Passports for younger ones.   Warning:  teens may think printables are ‘embarrassing’.  So remember to keep it cool.

For more competitive families, divide into teams and choose the candy to be sampled by the other team. (Insert evil laugh: mwah-hah-ha)  First one to spit it out loses.  Although, be warned that you may see a villanous side to your little sweetheart (or your spouse).  

We like to divide Epcot into 2 days, spending an entire day in the World Showcase.  We leisurely wander through the worlds, test candy, drink wine (moms only), ride the goofy rides (much more fun after wine), and souvenir shop.  

If you’re doing Epcot and the World Showcase in one day, do not… I repeat … DO NOT attempt to do every country.  Remember those 300 acres?  You will hate Epcot, hate yourself, and most likely hate a couple of your kids.  Trust us.  Pick 4 or 5 of your favorite countries, or select the countries you will be visiting for a ride (I.e. try Norwegian candy before riding the Frozen ride) or for dinner (sample Italian candies after dinner at Via Napoli).  

The great part of the Epcot Candy Challenge is that it can be adjusted to fit your needs.  Keep it in your back pocket and pull it out if you start seeing the ‘teen glare’.  

Two Scoops Travel tweens enjoying French chocolate in France at Epcot

Two Scoops' Review of the Epcot Candy Challenge

Two Scoops Travel review of the Epcot Candy Challenge

Do you have any tips for visiting Epcot with teens?  Give us your scoop!

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