Meet Two Scoops

How did we get started?  What are we about?  

Meet 2 Scoops - Holli and Sydney.png

Well, once upon a time there were two girls. 

I’m kidding.  

But it is true that Two Scoops was named after our two sweet traveling daughters, Hollister and Sydney.  

It was their imaginative idea that family travel would be more fun if kids got to vote on the destinations.  

(What?  Moms aren’t always in charge?)  

After being encouraged {forced} to watch hours of Rick Steves’ travel videos in anticipation for an upcoming trip to Europe, they bravely said, “we can do that!”  So they began filming YouTube videos to let other kids know what to expect about places they had been.  

Two Scoops Travel was born!

Of course, some mom-intervention was necessary.  So Melissa and I share tips and resources to help the other adults plan teen-acceptable trips.  Melissa brings to the table her gift for planning and mastery of  spreadsheets.  I’m here to handle the business basics and to tell our story ‘with the words’. 

It is a true family project.  The Brothers help with video editing and production.  Their mastery of iMovie is quite impressive.  However, I must admit the production requests are getting slightly out of hand.  (No, we don’t need an explosion in that scene, thank you.)  

The Dads handle marketing and security, as well as providing their expertise on adult beverage selections.   Very important.

Meet 2 Scoops - Family.png

What do we hope to accomplish?  

Well we hope to support the entrepreneurial spirit in our kids.   Help them see how to utilize technology, work hard and run a business - since that is the foundation for any of their future endeavors.

We also want to share our experiences and advice to help other families enjoy traveling together.

But above all, we want to make bright memories with our families - before the teen years fly by - and our little ones are all grown up.

We hope you will join the Two Scoops Travel Family as we traverse this world together!

Heather and Melissa & and the entire Two Scoops Travel Family