No one likes to talk about legal stuff, but it is a necessary evil. If we’ve booked travel for you, please read the following Agreement because it’s pretty important.


By accepting this proposal you are entering into a real, live contract with Two Scoops Travel LLC and agreeing to the following terms and conditions (we tried to translate the legal talk into normal people speech - but if you don't understand, please call us.)

  1. WE ARE NOT AMAZON. You understand that Two Scoops Travel is not a huge, international company, and acts only as a sales agent for the travel suppliers named in the your travel itinerary and as such, the agents (a/k/a Two Scoops Travel advisers and agents) can't be liable for unforeseen issues of the suppliers or destinations.

  2. WE DON'T FORETELL THE FUTURE. You understand that Two Scoops Travel does not have a crystal ball, cannot foresee the future, and therefore, logically cannot be held liable for events beyond our control (like supplier bankruptcy, flight cancellations, hurricanes, union strikes, disasters, terrorism, or you forgetting your wallet at home.)

  3. WE DON'T WORK FOR THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. We do our best to research your destination, but unless you are traveling to our neighborhood, we can't be expected to know of every danger, local custom, or epidemic that might impact your destination. You understand that as the traveler, you also have a responsibility to check the State Department's website or the Centers for Disease Control's Travel Webpage to learn of destination health issues.

  4. WE ARE NOT OMNISCIENT (that's fancy for know-it-all). Two Scoops was not present when you were born, so we rely on you to provide us with accurate information about who you are. You understand that we are required by some vendors to have a physical copy of your photo ID, passport, and credit card and if we ask for those, you will be nice and send them to us. You understand you are solely responsible for passport and visa requirements, for ensuring your photo identification has not expired, and that you are not currently on any government's Watch List. You are responsible for giving us the correct spelling of your name. Oh, and you are responsible to make sure you Passport hasn't expired (FYI - Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after you get home. Yes, really.)

  5. YOU HAVE EYES. By accepting this agreement, you are confirming you have one or more working eyes, or at least have a friend who has one or more working eyes. With those eye(s) you agree to carefully review your travel documents and if you notice an error or typo (especially with traveler information), you will call/text/email us immediately! Airlines are nice for the first 24 hours, after that, they get kind of mean, often charge fees, which will be your responsibility if you didn't notify us of the mistake.

  6. WE RECOMMEND TRAVEL INSURANCE FOR A REASON. Heard of Murphy's Law? Murphy likes to target travelers so we always recommend adequate travel insurance. You understand that if you choose to not purchase travel insurance, and Murphy hijacks your vacation, you will unfortunately be totally liable for any cancellation fees, nonrefundable fees, loss of all your vacation money fees, etc. We promise not to tell you "I told you so", but we can't be held liable for your choice to tempt fate.

  7. REFUNDS/DAMAGES. You understand that you are bound by the policies of the specific travel suppliers listed in the itinerary, including cancellation and refund policies. You understand that you're a big kid and you have the responsibility to find those policies online if the Two Scoops agents forget to tell you about them. If you have a valid cause for a refund or reimbursement for a damage you feel Two Scoops Travel caused, you must send a written email to crew@twoscoopstravel.com within 30 days of your return home.

  8. LAWSUITS. We really hope our relationship doesn't ever end up in Court, but if it does, by accepting this proposal you agree to sue us in our beautiful State of Colorado. It's a wonderful place to visit and the Courthouse is really pretty.

  9. CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION 101. I know this seems silly and simplistic, but you understand that your credit card authorization authorizes use of your credit card. So, if you give us a credit card and tell us to book your trip using that card and we book the trip using that card, you understand that you gave us authorization to use that card to book your trip and can't claim that you didn't tell us to book the trip with that card. Capeesh?