two scoops

park bag swag

Amusement parks take a little extra planning.  Here are our recommendations for your amazing park bag.


mini First aid kit

A mini first aid kit is essential for any park visit.  This one is great because it comes pre-filled! 


sharpie markers

Sharpies rank right up there with ZipLocks and Duct Tape in my book of essential items.  We use them more than anticipated.  These retractable Sharpies are great for character autographs because there's no cap to keep track of.  Also helpful for managing sibling possessions ("that is my lollipop!")


filter water bottles

We swear by these Brita reusable water bottles.  First, they are great for the environment.  Second, they make even tap water taste good.  Third, the handle loop can be hooked to anything (strollers, backpacks).  


Gel sanitizer is great, but we prefer these wipes.  Individually packaged, TSA compliant, and do double-duty wiping hands or table-tops.


rain ponchos

Planning a park visit during rainy season - or one with lots of splash rides?  Ponchos are a must.  This is a great family option.


Portable charger

Park days will drain even the toughest smartphone.  We never travel without our Anker PowerCore+ Mini charger.  The 5000 model charges Galaxy S9 1.1 times, an iPhone8 1.8 times, and iPhoneX 1.3 times.  That's enought to get through an entire day, and at a 4.8 oz it easily slides into a back pocket or small purse.