Yes, we are travel advisers who partner with a consortium of other agents to provide our clients with access to all sorts of wonderful travel deals.

In addition to offering the best vacation packages, we go a step further and provide custom travel planning services. It’s like the cherry on top of a mouth-watering sundae.

Bottom line: we help you plan the Best Vacation Ever for your family. That’s why we offer flat rate travel planning packages. You get amazing deals and experiences of a lifetime. We get to feed the kids another day. Win-Win!

how do your concierge travel guides work?

First, we need a gallon of ice cream hand-delivered to our office. Kidding. It’s simple, really.

Step 1: We listen. You call us, email us, set up a web or Face Time meeting, send a secret message via carrier pigeon. We listen to what YOU want, where YOU want to go, and what you want YOUR vacation to look like.

Step 2: Every plan starts with the basics: transportation and lodging. If that is all you need, then skip to Step 6.

However, if you’d like to take advantage of our custom travel planning services, take a look at both options and see which is the best fit for your circumstances. We request full payment when you select a plan for a couple of reasons: (1) this allows us to focus on only your project and design a personalized travel itinerary specific to your wish list and (2) it gives us the cash… to give to Starbucks… to get the caffeine… to make the magic happen.

Step 3: We put on our secret superhero outfits (okay, sometimes they are sweat pants) and start researching destinations, lodging options, activities, tours, experiences and even restaurant recommendations. If we have questions along the way, we’ll send a quick email to get more direction.

Step 4: We email you a proposed itinerary framework. This email outlines our recommendations in a very vanilla manner - just to make sure we have captured the vision.

Step 5: Once you give your approval, we start adding the whipped cream and sprinkles: contact info, links to make reservations (on the Single Scoop plan), or booking confirmations (on the Double Scoop plan), walking and driving directions, maps, unique things to do at your destination, tips for kids and teens, the whole kitchen sink!

Step 6: You get the final plan in 3 amazing formats: email, PDF and mobile app. (The mobile app is our favorite.)

can you plan just a few days of my trip?

Of course. Some days are just beach bum days - we get it! The number of days we plan can be fully customized. For example, let’s say you’ve booked a 10-day trip to Paris but are spending 2 days with fun Aunt Lisa. We’re happy to focus your custom travel plan on the remaining 8 days.