what makes us different

I was recently reading an article about the making of the Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns and the challenges faced by the entire film crew. They had a beloved classic which many felt shouldn’t be remade. How would they rise to meet the challenge, honoring the past while making something relevant for the future? I was reminded of our journey here at Two Scoops Travel, what drove us to start, and what makes us different from the millions of travel bloggers, planners and agents worldwide.


embracing tradition

The filmmakers were driving to honor the original film, taking a golden childhood memory and opening a new chapter.

It made me realize that so much of what makes travel meaningful to us is our personal traditions. Melissa and I felt that was missing with cookie-cutter vacation packages. Yes, all our reservations are on one page, but what’s next? We enjoy getting to know our clients, their likes and dislikes, their favorite vacation memories.

This helps us build a tailored travel plan that opens a new chapter on your personal story.

creating an original

It wasn’t enough for the filmmakers to simply put a new spin on an old record. They leaped at the opportunity to record exciting new musical scores for the sequel.

Personally, the best travel for me is not simply checking off a destination bucket list (Eiffel Tower – “check”, Pantheon – “check”, love saying “check”). It’s the soundtrack. No, I don’t hear music in my head (all the time). The soundtrack I’m referring to is all the things that happen around the destination: the food, the experiences, the people. That is your travel soundtrack and we believe it can make or break a trip.

Our custom travel plans include a pretty snappy travel soundtrack, if I do say so myself.



delivering joy

The article concluded by saying, “Just as Mary Poppins arrives in the film to return joy and wonder to the Banks family…[the movie] aims to deliver a similar gift to moviegoers in need of a brighter perspective.”

Beautiful!! Isn’t that what we all need? I think we turn to travel to fill that purpose – to allow us to be part of something positive, bring a little sunshine into our everyday hum-drum.

At the end of the day, Melissa and I and all of us here at Two Scoops Travel (2 hubbies, 4 teens, 3 dogs) want to share with you the joy we find in every trip.