travel planning services

We like to think we are anything but vanilla. Here at Two Scoops Travel we are a full-service travel agency with experienced travel advisers devoted to their craft.

What’s a travel adviser, you ask? Think of us as a travel concierge. Not only do we have access to the amazing sales and deals provided by the travel industry’s leading suppliers (Disney, Carnival, Expedia, and thousands of others!) but we also are seasoned travelers who know that a good trip isn’t born when the reservation is confirmed. It takes hours of researching to find experiences that turn an average trip into the trip of a lifetime.

Did you know the average traveler spends between 10-30 hours researching, planning and booking a vacation?

That’s a lot of ice cream money! Let us help.


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travel consultation

We host a brief introductory call or web chat to discover your travel dreams. We can then answer any questions you may have and recommend the best travel plan for your needs. (We might also ask about your favorite ice cream flavor because we are kind of obsessed with stuff like that!)


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Have an idea for your next escape? We will help you put the framework together and find the best deals, usually at no additional cost to you. (Woo-hoo! More ice cream money for you!)