Family travel accessories



Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes

We NEVER travel without our packing cubes.  We've family-tested multiple brands, and keep coming back to Eagle Creek's family of Pack-It Cubes.  They are the most durable cubes we've tested (durability is essential for family travel!).  Heather has traveled with her cubes since the kids were babies and they still look new (the cubes, not the kids).  Multiple colors and patterns available - which is great for color-coding family travel.  Go straight from suitcase to dresser to laundry room.

women's infinity scarf with zippered pocket

Scarves are our favorite travel accessory.  These infinity scarfs are amazingly stylish and practical too, with their hidden zipper pocket.  Great way to keep your important documents (DL, Passport, DVC card) close to your heart.

Wine Bottle Protector

Sometimes you just have to bring a bottle home.  We keep our vino safe with these reusable bottle protectors.  

Collapsible Water Bottle

These tiny little wonders are lifesavers for long travel days.  Empty they pack practically flat.  Once past the TSA, fill them up for your long flight.  Handy clip makes this a hands-free option as well.

Travel bottles

Stop buying those over-priced travel-sized toiletries!  These squishy silicone travel bottles are reusable trip after trip.  Take your favorite shampoo or soap on the road!

TRTL Travel Pillow

While it looks weird, the TRTL pillow is an amazing feat of engineering.  This little miracle supports your head while you'll try to catch a quick nap.  No more head bobble!  Doesn't take up a lot of room in your carry-on.


Keep those stinky sneaks separate from the rest of your stash with these nylon travel shoe bags.  We like the roomy design and the sturdy zipper.  Multiple colors available which helps when color-coordinating family travel!

Travel Toothbrush

We hate to travel without our Sonicare Toothbrushes - but they take up so much valuable carry-on space!  Now we can take the same tooth-cleaning quality with us on our travels with this adorable Sonicety Electric Toothbrush.  It runs on a tiny AAA battery and comes in 4 patterns and colors.