Travel technology

staying connected is essential for any adventure



cord corral

Traveling with tech means carrying chargers, cords, converters, etc.  If you are responsible for corralling a family's supply of cords, try our favorite cord organizer.  Tons of room and zips up tight so cords don't go missing.

phone lanyard strap

When was the last time you dropped your phone or camera?  In my case, it was yesterday.  I tend to drop a lot of things (phones, cameras, cups of coffee).  If you or a family member suffer the dropsies like I do, these little lanyard straps are a miracle.  Simple clip them on to your existing phone/case and VOILA - you have a wristlet. 

Sprocket - Isn't She Cute?

We use our HP Sprocket to print favorite travel photos while we are on the go!  It's perfect for filling travel journals with gorgeous photos that would otherwise never see the light of day.  It's also great for sharing a selfie with a new friend.  And this little case is perfect (notice the wrist strap?) for protecting Sprocket from bumps and bruises.

SD Card Reader for iPhone

We are 'Apple' families, using our i-devices exclusively when we travel.  But occasionally, we drag out the old DSLR camera for those special trips.  Bringing along an SD Card reader like this one enables us to upload our camera pics into our photo albums for safe keeping and for sharing.