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The Two Scoops Travel Team

Welcome to Two Scoops Travel!


We started just like you: travel enthusiasts who wanted to widen our kids’ view of the world, not just check off a destination bucket list. We have traveled solo (a/k/a the golden years), survived local and international travel with infants and toddlers and shared beautiful moments with our tweens and teens.


Melissa loves to travel and is constantly researching family-friendly destinations to share with her clients, friends and family. She is a Floridian roller-coaster-loving mom of two. Melissa fluently speaks Disney and plans the most amazing trips to The Happiest Place on Earth.

Heather is our word-nerd and organizational genius. Her Texas roots cause her to dream big and plan bigger. She writes our inspiring travel content and loves to research new places and memorable experiences.


At Two Scoops Travel, we partner with our clients to create the vacation that works best for them. Imagine that! Every family and group is different, so why settle for a generic “one-size-fits-all” package?

After we get to know your travel personality, we dig in to find the best travel options and memory makers to fit your wish list and budget. Then together we create a detailed itinerary that can fit in your pocket (on a phone, of course! Tiny publications are not our forte!)

Here at Two Scoops Travel, we believe a love of traveling is a priceless gift we can all give to our children. Contact us today for a free travel consultation.

Happy Travels,

Melissa and Heather